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Slam Plate Handles

The Garrison Slamplate handle addresses the ever growing problem of van handles being forced off. Made of high grade stainless steel with an integral Garrison slam lock, the replacement Garrison Slam handle plate is the secure solution that you have been looking for.

Fitted to the door with minimum or no drilling, with internal galvanized steel fixing plates or large washers and anti locking nuts, with the Garrison slam lock connecting directly to the door lock to give a one handed operation.

Garrison Slamplate handles are ideal for those who have had the manufacturers handles forcibly removed as they provide a secure replacement and usually cover any damage made thus needing no insurance claim leading to excess payment and raised premiums!
No brainer!

So, why choose Garrison Slamplate handles? are the only manufacturer to offer 100% Stainless Steel, 100% Made in the UK, Black Powder Coated, Flush fit Garrison Slamplate handles. In a nutshell, they look great, protect your livelihood and stay looking great for entire the life of the van.

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